Brits in French North Africa


The software is allowing the Brits to Amphibious Assault Morocco without Declaring War on Vichy France.
The rules state that French North Africa can only be invaded by Brits or USA if war is declared on Vichy France. Plus, war cannot be declared until Jul-Aug 1942. Although, French Levant may be entered anytime!!!
9.525 ALLIED INVASION OF FRENCH NORTH AFRICA: The Allies must declare war on Vichy France to invade French North Africa (by sea or land).
9.31 Other than the declaration against Germany (see 17.8(1) on the 1939 Campaign Game Card), Great Britain and the U.S.A. may only declare war on Norway, Denmark, Vichy France, and Portugal. Assuming the Germans have not already done so, Great Britain may declare war on Norway and/or Denmark at anytime. War may be declared against Vichy France beginning with the Jul/Aug 1942 turn.