Novgorod Calculating Supply


I believe that there is an error in the programming when Calculating Supply concerning Novgorod.
Rule:Units may trace a land supply path as in 3.1 above to a friendly-controlled port, then trace across a Sea-zone to another friendly-controlled port, then follow a 2nd land supply path to a Supply Source, up to the supply-capacity of the Fleet Points in that Sea-zone—note that Leningrad is not a valid destination port if Novgorod is enemy-controlled.
If the Axis controls Novgorod and the Russians have some Ground Units in Lithuania (port) but these units cannot trace a land line back to USSR, (i.e. they only can trace to Novgorod (Port)), then these units should be Out of Supply. The game is not doing this.
So, to summarize if the Axis controls Novgorod, any Russian units behind the Axis lines with all land routes blocked back to USSR are OUT OF SUPPLY.