Mediterranean Sea Supply Capacity

Sep 10, 2010 at 10:09 PM

Presently, you have to do a physical count of units that are supplied through the Mediterranean.


Would it be possible to show the Supply Capacity above the Fleets.


Example: Britain has two fleets in Mediterranean so above the Fleet:

"Supply Capacity = 6"

would be displayed, or:

"Supply Capacity = 4"

if Axis controlled both Crete and Malta.


Also it is a bit of a pain to count your blocks every time to check if you are over or under the capacity, so again above the Fleet show the total number of units in the Med.

Example: Britain has 3 units in West Egypt, 1 in Malta and 1 in Alexandria, so:

"Med Untis = 5"

Makes it easier when the program does the counting.