Joint Amphibious and Airborne Assault

Sep 10, 2010 at 9:43 PM

Presently the list only has two choices:


"Launch Airborne Assault for NAME OF AREA"

"Launch Amphibious Assault for NAME OF AREA"


I realize that the rule says that Airborne Assault can be part of an Amphibious Assault but the game should show this for the uninitiated.

So, the list should be changed so that the choices are:

"Launch Airborne Assault ONLY for NAME OF AREA"

"Launch Amphibious Assault (with or without Airborne Assault) for NAME OF AREA"


This way the game clearly displays the choices available.


Also, on the "Transport Units By Sea Move" window, a message should be displayed to avoid any confusion on the procedure, since if you screw this up you have to burn another Special Action to transport the Airborne Units:

Message: "For Joint Amphibious/Airborne Operations, Airborne Units MUST be dropped into the AREA NAME before the Disembark button is selected to unload Ground Units."